24" Vertical Seperators


Our 24" vertical separators are skidded, packaged, and ready to be put into service.

All of our vertical test separator packages are standardly set up with the following:

  • 24" OD x 7'6" or 10' tall
  • 250# DP through 1440# DP
  • Dressed 2-phase or 3-phase
  • Registered in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia
  • @ -20/100┬░F, constructed to ASME code Section VIII Div. I (1/8" C.A.)
  • 1-4" thick full diameter
  • 316 SS wire mesh mist extractor, inlet deflector, and float hood
  • Fully skidded and enclosed (galvanized urethane panel enclosure)
  • Heated with Catadyne heater system
  • Fuel gas scrubber for instrument control and Catadyne heater

Standard Instrumentation

  • Level control valve
  • Level gauges
  • Gas meter run and barton recorder
  • Back pressure control valve
  • Pressure and temperature indicators
  • HLSD
  • HPSD

Optional Instrumentation

  • Third phase piping and┬áinstruments
  • Liquid meter and totalizer
  • Inlet ESD valve
  • Liquid sampler
  • Methanol tank and pump

New and used purchase pricing and rental options are available.

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